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Is Email Marketing Still Effective in 2020?

With technological advancements and the rise of artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and chatbots, it may seem like email is a thing of the past. In reality, email marketing is still going strong and is possibly one of the best strategies for your company to successfully engage consumers right now.

Here is a quick guide to email marketing explaining why it is so effective and how to hire the right email marketing specialist to drive revenue and boost engagement.


What is Email Marketing? 

Email marketing is the process of sending emails to prospective customers.

Effective email marketing campaigns convert website visitors into email subscribers and engaged subscribers into customers.

online marketing


Email campaigns help you connect with your audience, promote your brand and ultimately increase sales, improve brand loyalty and deliver important information promptly.

The best thing about email marketing is the fact that people who receive your emails will have actively expressed an interest in your company by either opting into an emailing list or being an existing customer. This means they are more likely to open, read and click on the links in the emails than people who are new to your business.


Why is Email Marketing so Important in 2020?

Over 56% of the global population has access to the internet and just about everyone has an active email address.

In fact, it is estimated that by 2023 more than 4.3 billion people will be using email.

Did you know, average organic social media engagement is 0.58% – that means each social media post you create will, on average, only reach 6 out of every 1000 followers. That’s tiny!⠀

On the other hand, with email marketing, the average figures are:⠀

✓ 85% will see your email⠀
✓ 9% will open your email⠀
✓ 7% will click on a link in your email⠀

Better still:

✓ You own your email list (You don’t actually own your social media followers)⠀
✓ You have a lot less competition inside your subscribers’ inboxes⠀
✓ Email marketing helps you build a relationship with your readers, which means people are much more likely to buy from email marketing that from your blog or social media⠀

So, the importance of email marketing as part of a digital marketing strategy is higher than ever before.


5 Main Benefits of Email Marketing

Below are the 5 main benefits of email marketing.


1. Measure Your ROI Fast

The only way to know if your email marketing tactics are working is by measuring your results.

With email marketing, you will see immediately whether your subscribers open your emails and whether they click on your links. You will also see who unsubscribed and why they did it.

This provides a great opportunity to learn and adjust your strategies as you go. 


2. Email Marketing is Cost-Effective

With email marketing, there’s no need for you to pay for print, postage or ad space. According to Email Blaster, the cost of one email is, on average, as little as 1 pence. So, when comparing email to other forms of marketing, it is inexpensive and efficient.


3. Email Marketing is Highly Customisable and Personal

Email marketing allows you to personalise content for better response rates. Once you have collected customer data about their preferences and clicking habits, your email marketing specialist will create more effective email content that will inspire people to scroll through the emails, click the links and ultimately buy.

Highly personal email marketing campaigns will improve your overall conversion rates. 


4. Reach People on the Move

Email marketing allows you to reach more mobile users.

Think about it: How many times a day do you check your phone for social media updates, emails and messages? Probably a lot.

Every time a customer checks their phone your brand has a unique opportunity to reach out and engage with them.


5. Email Marketing is Sharable

Email is more sharable medium than many people realise.

You can forward an email to a friend at the click of a button, as well as share it on messaging apps and social media.

Likewise, links to landing pages in marketing emails can easily be copied and pasted onto other channels too.


The Rise of Email Marketing Job Roles

According to Radicati Group, nearly 250 billion emails were sent in 2019 daily and, on average, people receive 121 emails per day.  With an average of 1 pence per email, email marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to promote your business.

Email has become a fundamental aspect of many marketing strategies and often act as the glue that sticks many elements of the multichannel mix together.

Spotlight Recruitment has definitely seen a sharp increase in demand for CRM/Email marketing professionals with an advanced skillset.

With the focus on building long-lasting relationships, your company can ensure your customers remain loyal with something as simple and effective as an email.


What Exactly Do Email Marketers Do?

An Email Marketing Specialist creates engaging email campaigns at each stage of buyer journey from lead generation through to conversion.

They are involved in every aspect of an email marketing campaign including; split testing, editing, coding, performance monitoring and much more.

An email marketer is able to write and edit appealing, precise copy as well as use a range of software platforms like MailChimp to set up, automate, track and measure the progress of the campaign.

Email Marketers also need to communicate effectively with different stakeholders as the role requires working with numerous teams like marketing, design and sales.


How to Improve Your Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a major part of any digital marketing strategy. That’s why it is crucial for your company to invest in dedicated email marketing teams and specialists.

Spotlight have been recruiting within the marketing, digital and communications space across London and the UK since 2008.  We are a consultative agency made up of Ex-Marketers who use deep insight to represent exceptional candidates, working with a diverse range of organisations from software, online platforms, consultancies, business services and start-ups using insight and innovation to deliver results.  

Our 5* Google reviews from candidates and clients demonstrate our commitment to results.

NICOLA MONGON is the MD of Spotlight Recruitment, the leading marketing recruitment agency in the UK since 2008. Read our 5* Google reviews from candidates and clients to find our more. If you would like to discuss recruitment, you can reach Spotlight on 020 3008 4254 or info@spotlightrecruitment.com.